7 Days to 15 Days

Rishikesh Yoga Retreat

Salutation to Ganesha! May that union of the twin-persons of Siva and his spouse,—by the recollection of which one enjoys emancipation, hard as it is to attain,—produce for you all blessings!

Join us for a rewarding retreat combining guided yoga with sightseeing in beautiful lower range of Himalaya, a green haven for ecotourism.


It was 2007, and we were hosting our third retreat in Rishikesh. The drive to the final destination was a long one. And you know what they say about long drives –– they make you think. For two years we dreamed of creating a special kind of retreat in some quite place near Rishikesh. A place where people could relax. A place where people could savor stillness. A place where people could safely answer the question, “Who am I?”