Kundalini Yoga Retreats Rishikesh

7 nights/8 days Kundalini Yoga Retreat Package by Rishikesh Yoga Retreat

The concept of Kundalini – The Serpent Power is mysterious in the west. It finds mention in a veiled way in the Holy bible, but there are actually clear mentions of it in the book of alchemy.

Kundalini Yoga is more accurately that which comprises of the control of prana, the subtle energy, by the regular and intense practice of different breathing methods. Managing the flow of prana via the nadis in Kundalini Yoga, as a result, awakens the chakras and eventually opens the path for the Kundalini Shakti (Power).

What will you learn?

You will learn the basic principles of Serpent Power, Seven Chakras combined the spinal column and Pranic System of your body made of very small Srotas (Channels). Related Asanas, Pranayams and Mantras as well as Bandhas to guide the Pranic energy for arousing the Kundalini will be taught. You will also understand about the GyanIndriya(Sensory Organs), Karma Indriyas(Organs of Action) and the Tattvas(Elements). Also, an intro to Kriyas to take advantage of the omnipresent and endless source of Kundalini energy. How to go about retaining the connection if and when yourKunda takes place.

Beginner Level 1 Person  2 Persons
Twin Sharing Room – INR 55000 INR 85000
Single Room – INR 60000 INR 95000
Advanced Level   1 Person  2 Persons
Twin Sharing Room – INR 65000 INR 105000
Single Room – INR 80000 INR 135000

The Kundalini Retreat includes:-

  • Stay in Private or Twin Sharing Room
  • Daily Special Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Local Railway Station / Airport transfers
  • Daily Kundalini Yoga Class 1 hr. in the Morning and 1 hr. in the Evening by a Professional and Experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher
  • Indian Cooking Demonstration by our Chef (On Request)
  • Visit, the World Famous Ganga Aarti (Lamp Prayer Ceremony) on the Holy Ganges River
  • One Complimentary Herbal Massage.
  • Visit, Tehri Lake
  • 24 hrs. Rooms Service
  • Tea Coffee Maker in Room
  • Complimentary Mineral Water (2 Bottles per day)
  • Himalayan Village Safari